The city of Florence is a feast for the eyes. The Cobbled streets, piazzas, historic churches, graceful building have been inspired by too many poets, writers & artists. Jaipur Gems has stunningly captivated the essence of Florence city, its art and culture into luxurious jewels. The collection features Chain necklaces, danglers, drop earrings, Ornate pendants, statement, and enameled cuff.The line of jewels is assembled in semi-precious stones like Garnet, Sapphires, Topazoffsettedwith Diamonds.Our latest collection Florence inspired by the Countryside of Tuscanyhas jewels in tones inspired by the green meadows, grape vineyards,terracotta roofs, stretches of green carpet, gardens of floral bouquet,and the hand painted stain glass paintings as seen on the windows ofchurches and basilicas